Movember Team Uno


Welcome to the Movember Team Uno website, where we are changing the face of men’s health by proudly supporting the Movember Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to raise awareness and funds for cancers that affect men by gaining attention through growing moustaches through the month of November. Stay connected to our team and keep up to date on our upcoming events. Please subscribe to our site to get e-mail updates and help spread the word by sharing our message with others. Thank you for supporting our team and this great cause!

Lash Out for a Cure

Thanks to Haley, one of our Mo-Sistas, we are bringing you a Younique opportunity! Haley represents Younique and has offered to host a Team Uno exclusive online event now thru 11/30/14, where she will donate a very generous amount of her commission back to Movember thru Team Uno!. Here are more details…

“Welcome to Lash Out for a Cure with Movember Team Uno, where we are changing the face of men’s health by proudly supporting the Movember Foundation. Team Uno,partypage default 300x237 Lash Out for a Curecurrently in its 4th year, was started by Valparaiso native and cancer survivor Chris “Uno” Skaggs. He has a passion for helping others and for promoting great causes. He works tirelessly to promote Movember, whose purpose is to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, including mental health and cancer initiatives. Not to be confused with “No Shave November”, the idea of Movember is to attract attention to by growing moustaches throughout the month of November. We are proudly supporting this cause from now until the end of the month.

Ladies, if you have been contemplating helping us raise awareness, here is your chance! A portion of all party sales will be donated to the Movember Foundation. Guys, you can take part too! Christmas is right around the corner and Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is sure to make that special lady in your life smile!”

Here is the link to the page…

You can also join our party page on Facebook! Get a hold of one of us for an invite!

Your “why” should make you cry

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Why I Mo:  Please take a close look and tell me what you see!  The upper lip of a prepubescent boy?  A middle aged man attempting to grow a moustache?  A man celebrating his 17th year of being cancer free? It would be difficult for me to argue against any of those, for they are all true.  However, I challenge you to look deeper and maybe you’ll see what I do.  I see a moustache that is much stronger than it appears; so much so that it is sustaining life.  I see a cancer fighting, suicide preventing, ribbon of honor.  I see my dear friend and mentor Mr. Joel Azpeitia, who was taken from us far too soon after beating prostate cancer and ultimately losing his tireless fight to leukemia. I see Joel’s humble wisdom, selflessness, and kindness. I see my best friend, the late Seann McMillan, taken from us far too soon due to suicide. I see Seann’s whit, his trademark wink, and his zest for life. I see myself laying in a hospital bed as a high school senior wondering if I’ll make it to Christmas. That’s why I Mo and I Mo hard for Movember.  My moustache and I are changing the face of men’s health by raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues- especially suicide prevention.  I’m very fortunate to be here today; I have a second lease on life after fighting testicular cancer.  I am 17 years, today, removed from that boy in the hospital worried about life and death and I stand before you a man on a Movember mission. I don’t want to go solo.  I need your help.  I need you to join me! I please ask that you donate any domination of monies to my Movember account ( ) today in honor or memory of anyone you know who has or is suffering from depression and/or cancer.   To kick start this, I will donate in honor of Joel and Seann.  For you two, and others have lost, I fight! I implore you to join my fight or start one of your own.  -Chris “Uno” Skaggs